Šutex d.o.o. has a large number of containers of different sizes made of quality materials for various types of waste. We try to be up to date with all the changes that the market returns and to regularly modernize equipment and working conditions. Thanks to construction quality of containers and their large capacities, heavy weight waste materials can be transported in them.

Šutex containers

Šutex containers

Containers and dimensions:

Internal volume Length Width Height
6m3 3700mm 1650mm 1100mm
7m3 4350mm 1800mm 1250mm
10m3 5500mm 900mm 2500mm
12m3 4250mm 1750mm 1750mm
30m3 6000mm 2000mm 2500mm
37m3 6500mm 2400mm 2400mm

Waste debris chute

In our offer, there are " Waste debris chutes " for launching a shot from upper floors and construction sites directly into a container, which is easily transportable and very quickly installed. They are resistant to shocks and scratches. They are an excellent choice because they don't allow the dissipation of dust and noise from construction sites - thus achieving a cleaner working environment.

Container capacity 1 m3

We also offer 1m3 containers, they are functional at great heights because they are lifted by cranes where larger containers don't have access. When descending, their content is unloaded into larger containers. They are suitable for shot disposal.

Šutex containers Kontejner 1m3

Container capacity - 6 m3 and 7 m3

Containers capacity 6 m3 and 7 m3 are the most commonly used size for removing large amounts of garbage and waste. It is particularly recommended during the renovation of houses or flats (changing tiles, breaking concrete, breaking partition walls, taking away broken plaster). Closed containers of this capacity are also available. Axle vehicles carry these containers, and they are excellent for urban traffic and in a one-way street.

Container capacity 10 m3

Container capacity of 10 m3 is designed for the removal of large quantities of building rubble. (Load capacities up to 14 tons.) They are used mainly on large construction sites, which have enough space for loading and unloading. Due to the low height, they are suitable for easy loading.

Container capacity 12 m3

Container capacity 12 m3 is used for removal of loose waste from the production. This container uses the cover in order not to pollute the environment.

Container capacity 30 m3

Container size 30 m3 is used for transport of bulky waste generated in production processes. They are excellent when you have to clean up the storage or remove slightly loose waste. Abroll container platforms are used to transport pallets, materials, pipes, scaffolding and construction machinery (excavators, bulldozers, rollers and other machines).

All our containers are strong steel structure, with beveled side edge for easy loading and strengthened back side. They are designed according to European standards.

Elevator korpa

Elevator montiran


Elevator for vertical material transpostation up to 12 meters high. Basket volume 0.20 m3, basket capacity up to 150 kg.

Šutex containers

Šutex containers


We own modern waste collection vehicles capacity up to 8,5t, that are adapted to work in the field, on big construction sites, and small city streets. We also have vehicles with a trailing axle, that are designed to transport abroll containers. These trucks are used to transport containers of 10m3 and 30m3, and they are used on large construction sites or manufacturing plants. Abroll containers are designed for the transportation of large waste and have a very widespread use (metal, glass, municipal waste, plastic paper).

All our drivers have years of experience working in urban conditions with heavy traffic and they also have skills to get the job done as quickly as possible.